My Books


Dear Readers,


I began to write in earnest during stroke recovery, but I've written poetry and stories, in marketing work, and horticulture articles long before.


Personal essays and memoirs allow me to take stock of life-changing events from birth, adoption, and brain hemorrhage.

Stroke Story: My Journey There and Back is my brief memoir of one devastating moment and recovery.

Permanent Home: A Memoir is a collection of published stories of the early life of this Air Force daughter, and impressions of her years in Tokyo. I write about my foray into Philadelphia area gardens, my adoption journey; search and reunion with my birth family, and the survival of brain hemorrhage. My reflections are written in prose poetry and Japanese Haibun. The softcover edition includes an abundance of black and white personal photos; Kindle edition photos in color. 

Coming to Terms: My Journey Continues
 the sequel to Stroke Story which intersperses the narrative of long recovery with Japanese poetry.