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(c) Mary Ellen Gambutti, Author

All Rights Reserved 2023



Published in Premier Issue of Human/Kind Journal Jan 2019
Awarded Pushcart Nominee


Away and Within
Youth. Idealized freedom, a time of rustic camping among trees, mountain vistas, the breath of earth—when nature held me closest to rapture. Did I consider a Maker? In retrospect, what held more sway was the power of away and within; a ritual of trees and sky, and experimentation, when raw euphoria was key to my spiritual experience.
We were, after all, flower children. Once, on a mountain hike near Aspen, when all ingredients were conducive, my heart sang. My senses were heightened by the roar and ripple of creeks, ethereal mid-day mountain light, and warmth of the baking grasses and stone, thrill of birdsong. In an illusory moment, I only received. Much later, I would learn to return the blessing.

my life within gardens-
was it escape,
or deeper digging?



My personal essays and vignettes have been published in many fine literary magazines:

Gravelmag, Wildflower Muse, Portland Metrozine, Contemporary Haibun Online, Haibun Today, 1001 Stories, Memoir Magazine, Halcyon Days, Mac(ro)Mic, The Remembered Arts Journal, The Vignette Review, Modern Creative Life, Borrowed Solace, Winter Street Writers, Amethyst Review, The Drabble, FewerThan500, BellaMused, HumanKind Journal, Spillwords, Soft Cartel, BookEnds Review, and more. 




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The Cutting Garden

Halcyon Days
Issue 6

Photos and Text by Mary Ellen Gambutti

Cut Flower Gardening
Cottage Gardening for Today

I studied horticulture, and designed and planted Philadelphia and Bucks County private gardens for 15 years.


My photo Haiku (Haiga) have appeared in "Failed Haiku," "Under the Basho," "Daily Haiku," and other journals.


by MEG
FreshOut Arts
and Poetry
August, 2019


copyright 2023 (c) Mary Ellen Gambutti, Author

All Rights Reserved

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Excerpt from one of several pieces published in Modern Creative Life

2019-08-27 (7)_edited.png
Dreamstreets Magazine published my
      "Riversongs" Spring, 2022. The lyric essay is in my memoir. Read it here:
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