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Adoption Trauma - When the Fog Lifts

in words and images

The Fog of Adoption

Depth and Distance

The Wrecking Ball of Adoption

Bio Family

left to right me, Leila, Karen, Momma (Leila), Karen, and Lottie

Mary Ellen in New Jersey 1954 on a pedestal?
baby pictures

Please take a look at Paige Adams Strickland's review of my memoir in her Blog, Akin to the Truth: A Memoir of Adoption and Identity

An excerpt from Paige's review: "Gambutti’s style of storytelling is something anyone adopted and questioning their existence and circumstances can relate to, regardless of age bracket/era. The complexity of the adoptee’s search for place and self in this world is universal, powerful and effectively explained in this memoir."

Thank you for reading my work!

Until next time,

Mary Ellen

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