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My Adoptee Memoir is On the Way!

Hello, friends of my website and blog - I'm thrilled to update you that I Must Have Wandered: An Adopted Air Force Daughter Recalls is coming along!
Watch for an early 2022 release.

I'm so pleased with the cover!


I want this blog to elevate adoptee voices, as well as feature my writing.

To that end, I plan to feature guest bloggers in the coming months. Watch this space!


This month of November is National Adoptee Awareness Month. Today is #WorldAdoptionDay.

Be aware and mindful of the potential adverse consequences of adoption and archaic and restrictive adoption laws. Support Legislation for Open Adoption Records to all adult adoptees. #AdopteesRightToKnow


Enjoy my personal essay published today in

Visible Magazine

Thanks to Stephanie Drenka, Founding Editor

"Not to be Mentioned"

The image below was made by Dave of @My_Refocused_Life. Check out his Instagram and Facebook posts where he shares his excellent views on adoptee life. Here he encourages us adoptees to speak out, tell our stories, as they may benefit many. In fact, this directive suits all storytellers telling our truths. If we help just one person, that would be wonderful!

Mary Ellen Gambutti, Author Facebook Page

Until Next Time,

Mary Ellen

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