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September Wondering

My birthday brings back the wondering about where I came from, and why my mother left me behind. They are the questions many--if not most--adoptees ask.

Through DNA discovery, I've added to the bit of what I learned from the kin I found prior to testing. I met my paternal siblings. I went deeper into my mother's ancestry.

But I'll never understand how my mother could after she had carried me for nine months, leave the hospital without me with no expectation of seeing me again. When I began my quest to identify her, Catholic Charities told me she knew it was final when she signed the relinquishment paper and gave me the name Ruth Ann. She aged too quickly and died a year after our reunion. Over forty birthdays had gone by, yet she still had wondered.

My adoptive parents' record
2 year old girl with doll
birthday doll age 2 Ohio

Thank you!

Until next time,

Mary Ellen

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