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Stroke Story: My Journey There and Back
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Reader Reviews

"Her book is a gift of her courageous journey and is inspiring with insightful information. The reader can truly feel her in this experience through her connected writing style. What I love most is that she is able to find gratitude through this overwhelming fearful experience."

"Stroke Story tells a valuable, first-hand account. "I believe I learn best from personal, lived experience, as well as the shared experiences of others. It is what drew me to Mary Ellen Gambutti’s story, and her book did not disappoint."


"It was amazing to read this story - so happy that Mary Ellen shared it with us. Definitely makes me want to appreciate life every day!"

"A book I couldn't let go of ... Her use of poetry ... guided through the prose, is extraordinary ... it softens the blow of the terrifying experience of having to abandon life as she knew it and being thrown into a strange land where her body needs to be introduced to her ... a body that also needs to find itself ... as its identity changes from week to week ..."


"This is a story that is brimming with hope and inspiration. Once I had finished the first page, I knew I wouldn't be stopping until the last. Highly recommended."

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